Gyrate South

Following his training at Tauranga Rex Telfer founded Gyrate South Ltd in 2009 which quickly expanded at Taieri Airfield Dunedin to offer air experience and flight training in an Eagle.

Taieri Airfield

The grass airfield at Taieri was once the main Airport for Dunedin. Today it provides a great home for general aviation and The Otago Flying Club.

There has been a nucleus of gyroplane owner operators here for many years but the introduction of the Autogyro Eagle has focused more attention on this great form of aviation. Gyrate South is now well accepted, training alongside the fixed wing flyers and the well established helicopter fraternity.

Rex Telfer

Rex Telfer is an engineer who has built his own aircraft and helped many others in their effort to do the same or to modify gyroplane projects into successful aircraft. His step up to a factory made Eagle attracted the attention of a very experienced microlight instructor who took to this form of flying as if it was his birthright. 

Allan Wright stepped across enthusiastically from tail-wheel fixed wing aircraft and is a huge bonus to the gyroplane community and a great ambassador for this form of flight. Not far from Taieri is another Autogyro machine. 

Jim Service has flown gyroplanes for many years but when five Autogyro aircraft passed by on the Around New Zealand Safari he was so impressed that he sold his RAF 2000 and replaced it with the Calidus Fern demonstrator.